*pouts* Monday…

Happy Monday *rolls eyes* Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was really busy but I got a ton done =] Only thing I missed off my to-do list was to get my nails done. but I can do that today or tomorrow between classes.  I have 16 *NEW* pairs of panties to put up! I’ll try to at least get a couple up today. I have a feeling that they are going to go fast ;] 8 of them are Victoria Secret panties ;] I know how much everyone loves VS.

I’m hoping to spend some significant time finishing up these interview questions from Christy so she can get it posted on her site asap =] Also don’t forget I have a Pussy Pop Special for the next 2 weeks: “Buy 2 pairs of panties, receive a FREE pussy pop with your order!”. You guys made an excellent choice when voting for my new twitter av! I absolutely LOVE the one you all chose!!

I’ve got to hop in the shower & get to school, say Hi & brighten my Monday ;]


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