Wedgy Wednesday ;]

Its been a pretty busy week back to school!! Spring break was wonderful. Lots of relaxing, time with friends, and a little partying ;] You can imagine how thrilled I was waking up Monday morning. Have a couple BIG projects coming up in school which means more study groups than usual :/ but I’ll survive. Still haven’t found a consistent weekend job, I’ve been assisting a friend that’s a photographer for extra cash when I can, but my schedule is a little too chaotic to be able to help her out as often as we’d both like. I’m also waiting to hear back from another restaurant, hoping to be able to pick up a few waitressing shifts on the weekends again! That worked best with my school schedule.

I’ve got a sexy panty interview coming up, so will be working on getting all the questions answered in the next week and will let you all know when and what site it will be featured on ;] I’m excited about it.

Even better news: All order through the rest of April get FREE SHIPPING!

I have a pretty full day of classes and study groups today, I’m hoping to get at least an hour and 1/2 free to myself this afternoon to sneak home for a nice relaxing and releasing bubble bath!! I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday!! Hope everyone gets through hump day and enjoys the rest of their week!! Kisses from your favorite sweetheart ;] XX XX XX

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