♥ Scarlett, where have you been?! ♥


I sure have missed everyone over the weekend! Had a great time out of town. A couple of us went to visit one of our old roommates over the weekend. Checked out her new place, town, and friends. We all had a really good time. Stayed out of trouble for the most part ;] It also gave me a chance to use the new Betsey Johnson weekender bag Jeff bought me last month. I just adore it! Now I want a Betsey Johnson bag I don’t have to wait out of town to use ;] I have one I really like on my wish list (SPOIL ME page).

I have 3 packages to send out today! One for Dan, Logan, and of course Jeff

I’ll be updating my blog more frequently, have some cute & naughty photos to post up, and should be stuck in the house with school work and catching up on chores the next few days. Hope to hear from many of you soon! Also my “waiting list” is a little less than a week ;] Hope you enjoyed the 6 new thongs I put up too!

-Your favorite panty girl XX

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