Back to school

So its been awhile since I’ve actually written anything in my blog, but I’ve been pretty good with posting photos ;P No harm no foul there. Today is my last off =[ I go back to school tomorrow. One of my study groups is meeting today, but I’m not going to go, lol. I want to enjoy this last day of freedom. &&& I’m crazy broke from dumping my bank account into school & books so Id like to save some gas where I can over the next couple days. I’m also feeling lazy.. lol.

I’ve added lots of new things to my wish list! Getting me presents will get you all sorts of custom photos && treats!!

I took over 60 new photos this afternoon for some panty orders and thank you photos! I posted a couple in a bit. I’m going to go work out and then hop in the shower, hope everyone has a fantastic start to their week!!! XX

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