Catch up

On a break at home right now. Waiting for last nights Dexter episode to load up so I can watch it while I work out =] I’m also doing some laundry and wrapping up a few other loose ends, gotta love Mondays right?

Don’t forget my Pussy pop special is still running for a few more days, “Buy 2 pairs, receive 2 FREE pussy pops with your order”!

I had a very mellow weekend AND I even made it to the beach like I wanted! The weather was nice too.

My Monday morning was a bit out of schedule today, but I was able to get a lot done! It started with some delicious orgasms for breakfast, lol. Then I wrapped up some projects due later this week – hopefully that will give me some more free time this week, did an online class, and made some super SEXXXY & NAUGHTY fan signs!

I have a very very special date with myself, a glass of wine, and my bathtub tonight!!  I haven’t made time to take  bubble bath in weeks and the weather is puurrrfect for it!! Now it’s just deciding on which toy I should bring in with me ;] Some of you know my toy selection pretty well, any suggestions?? Maybe my glass one with the hearts on it:

Well, I’m going to start stretching and get ready to fill the burn and catch up with my favorite serial killer!!

xx  -S

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