Christmas Spirit

Miss me? I missed you guys!! The holiday weekend was crazy busy! Lots of driving, tons of food, and not enough time afterward to catch up on everything!! I’ve fallen a little behind, so please allow me a couple days to catch up =] I was so exhausted when I came back home Saturday night, I didn’t do a damn thing but watch TV and then go to bed, & on Sunday(yesterday) I headed to the 99cent store (’cause I’m a baller like that) and bought $50’s worth of Christmas decorations for the house and decked it out before my roommates came home. Here are some pics of my nonsense:

& can’t forget the snow on the windows:

& some xmas flowers:

Yes, I’m a dork!! I’m fully aware. I also decorated a regular house plant lol:

& one more of the tree:

I’ll update my blog some more when I have some time at home on a break today, XOXO!!! Its good to be back.

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