Do the humpty hump

Good morning! Apparently Wednesday is blog day lol. I’ll start updating at least twice a week. I’m still getting used to being this busy again. I try and post pretty often on my twitter though, pictures too =] People have been asking me who takes my photos for me, I do. Camera timers are amazing and quite helpful ;]

I’m supposed to be working on a paper right now, but I needed a break! My original plan was to finish it last night after class and my study group..but.. I played hookie for my group and went to a BBQ instead. It was fun though, lots of good food and company. I met a new girl there too, made plans to hang out with her this weekend. She seems very laid back and down to earth which is a rare breed among women in L.A. lol! <no offense ladies>

I’ve been battling my insurance company all week about an ambulance bill from last year that came back to haunt me. It was from a not too major of a car crash I was in with some girlfriends last year. Aside from being sore I was fine, but they INSISTED I let them take me to the hospital to make sure everything was fine, I was 18 and didn’t really know better on how much it would cost me to have them do that. Long story short, when I paid off the bills the woman told me I was all caught up and everything was taken care of. Well I received a bill in the mail about a week ago telling me I was WAY passed due on this ambulance bill and now they’re threatening to cancel my insurance. Its been a really lovely experience :/ So I’ve been trying to scrap it all together, its the short notice that make it tough. It would be one thing if I had the whole Summer to pay it off. Worse case scenario is I don’t make the entire about by the deadline they demand and I’ll just have to go without insurance for awhile and hope nothing happens to me and I don’t get sick. Please send me good vibes and wish me luck on this, I need it!!! It’s kind of why I blew off my study group last night and went to the BBQ. I needed to do something fun ’cause this has been really stressing me out and bringing me down.

I’ve got to get back to my paper. I promise to update again before next hump day ;] I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!! Its beautiful out!

Sweet Kisses <3

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