Freaky Friday ;]

My first class was canceled this morning, which made for a great start to my Friday ;]  I took the extra time and took some super sexy custom photos as “Thank You’s” to the special people who bought me gifts off my wish list!! You guys are THE best!

I’m very grateful it’s Friday, lol. It was a pretty quick week compared to last. I haven’t really made many plans for the weekend, going to see a friends band play tonight, but other than that it’s still up in the air =] I’m sure I’ll find some kind of trouble to get into ;] One of my girlfriends is hosting one of those sex toy parties this Sunday, you know like the Tupperware parties your mom had, but with sex toys.

I’d like to find the time to maybe bake something this weekend too, seems appropriate with the recent weather.

My school day is pretty calm today. A couple study groups I wish I didn’t have to go to, lol. Such is life ;] I better get going though, or I’ll be late!

Kisses  -S

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