Friday, Finally!

What a week its been, honestly. I DID get all my end of the Summer class projects finished and turned in =] AND I got an A on all  3!! Well, one was an A-, BUT – still an A none the less ;] So that’s awesome news.  There was some drama amongst roommates this week which was REALLY annoying, but its whats to be expected when you live in a house with 5 girls. Don’t worry, it has its up sides to it as well ;]

5 MORE DAYS! 5 more days to take advantage of my Pussy Pop Special before it ends. “Buy 2 pairs, receive 2 FREE pussy pops with your order”. Also, 5 more days to get your panty lottery tickets! They are buy 1 get 1 FREE all day today(8/27) too!! The thong for raffle is a Victoria Secret satin thong, (the leopard version of the thong pictured above). Winner will receive it worn 48 hours and soaked in my sweet cum. All participants receive a photo set of me in the thong. Happy Hunting.

I haven’t made any plans for the weekend yet since I’ve been stuck in kind of a blah mood for the last couple days. Have had some bad luck, BUT I’m hoping to shake all that today!! *Crosses Fingers* Here’s to me having a wonderful Friday & my luck changing for the weekend !! I Hope your weekend is just as bright!

Always your sweetheart, Scarlett XX

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