Happy Hump Day!

Sorry I haven’t updated is so long, I have been so busy running all over the place!! Thankfully twitter makes it easy to keep up with everyone while on the go. I love posting pix through it ;] I’m taking a couple courses during the Summer. Its all pretty cluttered right now unfortunately.  Ill be leaving town if a few days, but will be able to keep up with everything and everyone’s orders via my phone and computer out there =] I also wont be gone too long. I’m hoping 4 days. I honestly don’t even know how I managed to be able to take the time away.

Ive been enjoying the Summer weather. Haven’t been getting to do too much of the things I want to do yet though. As you can see for yourself, one of those things is working on my tan LOL. Hopefully in the next month I can take some time out for that. I’ve also only been to the beach once /:  Not cool man. I think once I get back in town I’m going to change my schedule around a little so I have more time to myself … naked ;]

XX – your favorite panty sweetheart <3

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