Hump Day

Happy hump day everyone ♥ I had a class moved this morning, So I used the extra time to take some very sexy photos for some very special people ;] I really like how they came out. Also, the winner of the panty lottery has been notified by email, and all participants of the lottery have been sent a couple photos of me in the thong.

Its been a busy week now that everything is back in full force with school. I don’t mind it too much, I like being busy and most of all getting closer to being finished XP. If you follow me on twitter then you know how much fun I had it school yesterday ;] I soaked up a personal pair of panties on many bathroom breaks through out the day. The pair goes out to one of my favorites today.

Ive got an itch to scratch,  a little working out to do, then time to shower and off to school I go. Hope its as much fun as yesterday;]

X’s & O’s

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