I got caught being a BAD GIRL!

I wasn’t behaving & thought I could park somewhere REAL quick and not get caught… Well … I got in trouble =[ I was hoping the officer might let me off with a spanking… You know you would ;] But instead I got a ticket – just over $300!!! Outrageous! So I need ALL the help I can get right now!

If you haven’t purchased your Panty Lottery tickets yet, you still can now until Sunday night. Drawing for that barley there thong will be on the 1st. ALL participants will receive a sexy photo set of me in the thong, and the LUCKY winner will receive the thong worn 48 hours and soaked in my sweet juices.

ALSO – If you aren’t already, follow me on TWITTER to get sexy updates & “candid” photos!

Going to add some new things to the “PANTIES” page and then I have a study group to catch. TGIF! Going to go out with the girls tonight – not sure about the rest of the weekend yet. Hope everyone had a GREAT week.


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