Life as of now =]

I haven’t caught up with you guys in awhile, sorry about that. Ive been great at posting photos though ;]

If you follow me on twitter you know I’ve been dealing with one of my cats being sick. He has a terrible skin allergy that he cant seem to shake. He’s been in an out of the vet non stop for over a year now. We’ve done biopsy’s, tried steroids, multiple medications, and still haven’t really made any progress. I spoke to someone at the vet last week over the phone and they suggested I maybe think about having him put down. I was devastated. Well I took him back into the vet today and they gave him more steroids and we’re trying a different antibiotic. They also said I can just start refilling these medications for him without having to pay for a visit which helps out a lot financially. Its not going to make them go away unfortunately, but it will keep them from flaring up really bad, which keeps the Mr.kitty happy. I have to refill his medications weekly, which is going to cost me about $150 monthly 🙁 But I love my kitty and want to keep him around and happy as long as I can. So that is the update on that.

School has been a little hectic, but that’s normal. Its kind of nice to be back, I LOVE being off for the Summer but I also love being non stop busy and being able to put time in towards my education so I can get it over with and move on in life!! I am also CRAZY tired of living with so many broads lol. After this I’m keeping it to 1 or 2 TOPS!

I started back up at the gym Monday after being away for 3 months. I was still working out, just not as hard as before. The heart during the Summer makes it tough sometimes, but now I’m all pumped up about it again =] I went Mon-Thurs and will be headed there shortly today.

I haven’t made too many plans for the weekend yet. Thankfully its finally starting to cool down a little. Tomorrow morning two girlfriends and I are going to take our beach cruisers out for a few hours, looking forward to that.  I’ve been sober Scarlett all week due to my new fitness freak out so a few glasses of wine at some point this weekend would be nice ;]

Well that’s all I really have to update on right now. Hope everyone has a great weekend XXX

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