Manic Monday

Hi there ;] I’ve been extra tired lately, I don’t know what my deal is. Maybe from picking up my work out. Its been a really hot weekend too. Its supposed to cool down this week hopefully. I’ve enjoyed summer, but I’m over it being in the high 90’s still. I’m ready to wear some sweaters and boots damn it!

My first class this morning was canceled, I feel Monday cut me a small break ;] My weekend was alright. Yeah .. just alright. I did catch up on ALL my homework & studying though, that feels good. I stayed in Friday and went to sleep pretty early. Saturday night I went out dancing with some of my girlfriends, didn’t get much sleep that night, & Sunday I went to a friends birthday pool party/BBQ, I came home around 8 and was out by 9 lol. Which means I missed the premiere of DEXER!! What was I thinking?! When I come home this afternoon I’m going to catch up on it while I workout.

I’ve got to zone back into this study group. .KISSES!

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