Glad Valentines is over! =p Can you blame a single girl ;] I did enjoy my Sunday though!! My girls and I went sledding in the mountains and drank FAR too much spiked egg nogg lol. We had a blast! Its good to have good girlfriends on days like that! It was nice to have the holiday on Monday as well, an extra day off from school always helps me catch up on important things, and gives me extra play time, which I personally, could NEVER get enough of ;] Back to classes & study groups for the rest of the week, FUN! Going to take some SERIOUS Scarlett time tonight! I have it all planned out: Me, some wine, a couple toys, bubble bath, & fire place tonight!!!  I CANT WAIT!!! I’m shooting for 7-8 orgasms tonight! Wish me luck for even more ;]

I’ve been taking some REALLY sexy pictures the last couple of days! I’m very “pleased” with them ;] A VERY special fella has 125 photos coming his way. I LOVE taking them too so never be too shy to ask to add some to your order

Also my Pussy Pop Special is available ALL February


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