Monday madness

Heeeeeey! Happy Monday. I had a nice mellow weekend, went on a bike ride Friday, which was awesome, I haven’t used my beach cruiser in months! Then on Saturday I went on an awesome hike!! I took tons of pictures, maybe I’ll have time to post some later.

I just joined a gym. I’ve enjoyed working out at home, but can’t do much cardio from home so I know this will be much better for me. It’s nicety take a cool class every once in awhile too. I was taking some kick boxing classes at this gym last year and they KICKED my butt!!!!!! I’m in better shape now, so hopefully I can work my way back up to taking it again 🙂 My first workout will be tonight! Wish me luck!! I ate about a zillion calories yesterday knowing I would be hitting the gym today, lol.

Will try to update more later, gotta grab a vitamin water and head to my next class.

Kisses xxx

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