Morning =]

Oh hai ^_^ It’s been awhile!! Lots to catch you up on!! Most importantly I am out of school for the summer. This is HUGE ;] I’ll actually be taking one class during the summer – but that will be a breeze! Unfortunately my inner alarm clock still wakes me up at the crack of dawn, which today was 6am >:/ But I made some coffee and tackled a few chores, I have a pretty large to-do list today, but I think I should be able to get everything done. I’ve already dropped off 3 packages early this am ;] I also have some naughty pictures to take in the next couple hours.

I spent this last weekend camping =] I had a lot of fun but came home extremely sore from hiking around in sand all weekend, wasn’t able to make the gym yesterday because of it, but have plans to hit the gym today 530ish with my gym buddy. Its nice to have so much time and not have to cram everything I need to do in 30 hour increments in between classes and etc. It will probably be a good week though until I’m able to really enjoy it, Lots to do before I settle into my “summer vacay”.

Other exciting news is that mah birthday is coming up <3 ! June 14th. The big 21!! All birthday pressies welcome ^_^ June is also another anniversayr for me: It will be 2 years since I’ve been selling my panties! Many of you have been with since the beginning ;] That’s so awesome! I should do something special for it. I haven’t held a panty lottery in FOREVER!! I’m also open to any ideas!

Well, I ought to get back to my to-do list. I’ll try and post some photos up later this afternoon. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

One for #TittyTuesday before I go:

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