Pretty Pretty Please … ?

Happy manic Monday! Back to being the sweet good school girl I am during the week ;] hehe. I had a really great weekend! Got a lot of great exercise in!! Spring is right around the corner and before you know it – BAM! – bathing suit season ;] So trying to stay fit. I’m hoping we get 1 or 2 more good storms so me and the girls can make a couple more trips the to the mountains before all the snow has melt away! I must admit though, I CANT WAIT for the beach season to hit!! Summer time in general, even though I’m not completely off from school, the many breaks & mini breaks are great!!! Half naked girls ALL season long!? Who wouldn’t LOVE it!

Onto the sweet begging… They haven’t been giving me shifts at work lately because its been SO slow, Ive getting by okay bills wise and anything extra goes towards paying off my new computer, but what I could REALLY use some help with right now are new clothes. I’ve toned up a bit & its been warming up as well. So if any of my favorite fellas would be SO KIND to help out, I’ve added some cheap clothing items to my Wish List. Id appreciate it so much! If interested, you can send me an online Amazon Gift Card for the amount you would be willing to donate

Pretty Pretty Please ..?

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