Sunday afternoon

I’ve been enjoying a lazy day around the house today. I stayed out with my girlfriends last night til 4am! That’s really late for me!! We had SO much fun though, First we had an amazing sushi dinner and then we went out for drinks and DANCING – which I was dying to do!! I also spent the afternoon prior to that at the beach which was so very relaxing!! The weather was perfect!! So it was quite the long day and night.

I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon finishing a paper I have due tomorrow, re-organizing my closet & dresser, and doing some laundry. I’m supposed to meet a friend for dinner tonight, but I think I’ll just have her over at my place and making something yummy and watch a movie.. any suggestions?

If you haven’t bought your panty lottery tickets yet, you’re missing out!! I cant wait to soak that smooth satin leopard thong with my sweet cum ;] Also my pussy pop special is still running through the rest of August!  “Buy 2 pairs, receive 2 FREE pussy pops with your order”, and I have quite a few new panties up as well.

-Your Sweetheart

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