Tasty Treats <3

I wanted to write up a quick blog post with the pictures I promised before running off to class. I lot of you have asked how my trip was this weekend, and it was great!! I stayed a day longer than expected, but I packed for it just in case. My legs and arms are super sore from hiking and rocking climbing, but it was a lot of fun to be rugged for a couple days. Had a bit of homework and laundry to do from the weekend, but I caught up on everything this morning and afternoon =] I also caught up on last nights Dexter and worked out a bit, which was tough since my body aches a little.

My pussy pop special will be going all week, “Buy 2 pairs, receive 2 FREE pussy pops with your order”! Take advantage ;]

Here are some photos I just took. I’m off to class!!! XX -S

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