I’m getting really good at this daily blogging stuff ;] I’m SO happy that it’s Friday, it’s been a really long week! I got a B+ on the project I turned in this week, for those who have been asking =] He’s a really tough teach, so I’m very proud of my B+ lol. My canceled study group last night was conveniently uncanceled.. So I got home pretty late. Watched some Jersey Shore (I know, I know) and then went to sleep.

I also want to give a shout out to the sexy Veronica Vice, You should check out her blog sometime. She’s sexy and has a great sense of humor:


I want to do a new special or contest… Any creative ideas? If so, give me your feedback!! I have a lot of panties available on my panties page, especially thongs!I hope everyone is getting through their Friday morning smoothly! I’ll try and write more later =]

xx – S

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