Good morning =] Happy Thong Thursday ;] I hope everyone has been having a good week so far, sooo close to the weekend! Went to meet up with a girlfriend last night for some dinner and a drink, we ended up staying and chatting for 3 1/2 hours, it was nice though to catch up and not think about school for a little bit. Was a little tough getting out of bed this morning, but once I had my first orgasm of the day and a cup of coffee, I was good to go ;]

After this study group I’ll be heading home to workout, do a load of laundry, and catch up on this weeks episode of “The bad girls club”. LOL, don’t judge me, I can’t help myself. No one else should be home, so the peace and quiet will be nice.

Don’t forget, the “Nurse Scarlett” photo set is available at this time. 26 hot & sexy photos, 10 of them topless ;] LIMITED TIME ONLY. Emil me for details.

I’ve got to wrap this up so I can finish my notes and pack up to leave. Sweet Kisses!!!


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