Sincere apologies on how long its been since I’ve posted an update!! I’ve been out of school for a couple weeks now, I’m taking one class – but that’s nothing compared to full time lol. I was able to pick up one of my waitressing gigs from last Summer luckily so I’ve been doing that as well to help pay bills, get by, and have a little extra cash from time to time to play with. I’m also trying to tie loose ends with everything to make sure I can get back in during the fall semester. I promise to update more now though since I’m getting used to this new routine.

My phone has been giving me a TON of trouble too, so that makes it much harder to update my blog or tweet while on the go. Its on its last leg and I was waiting for my contract to end so I can switch providers, I have Sprint now and I hate them. I think I am going to switch to Verizon and go with the iphone4. The phone is only $200 with a new contract And my old contact ended yesterday- so as soon as I’m able to come up with the extra money, its bye bye blackberry – HELLO iphone4!

I’d been slacking on the gym the last couple weeks and eating way to much junk food, so I put myself on a little diet and am forcing myself to go to the gym as often as I can. I went this morning around 9am and did an hour of cardio. After I finish this blog I need to do some crunches and butt exercises. I wish I had a gym buddy, but my schedule is always changing and I don’t need to spend anymore time with my roommates than I already do lol. I’ve been trying to take some space from them lately. 6 girls in one house can get a little crazy sometimes!!

In more exciting news my BIRTHDAY is in 4 days!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I’m stoked!! 21 is a BIG one ;] A couple people have sent me emails asking how they can get me a birthday gift, My wishlist would be the best way to do that =] Or if anyone would like to help put money towards me getting a new cell phone asap I would REALLY appreciate that as well!!! Just email me at Scarlettsdirtysecrets@yahoo.com to find out how., or you can place the donation on my Spoil Me page under ‘School Donations’ and just note that it is towards the iPhone =] ALL generous gift givers and iPhone helpers will be greatly spoiled back!!!!

My cat has been doing FANTASTIC! He no longer has any symptoms. As long as I keep him on the front-line medication he’s is in perfect shape <3

I haven’t made any plans for the weekend yet. I know I’ll be working a couple shifts at the restaurant, and I have a mani/pedi appt tomorrow. Maybe I can make it down to the beach. Ive only been once this Summer so far =[ I haven’t been to any pools or pool parties yet either. Trust me, I need a tan BAD, tanning memberships are just so fucking expensive!! Its ridiculous.

I promise to update again before Monday =] <3 Lots of hugs and kisses!

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