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Sorry so long since a post! It was a busy and hectic end of the month and my main computer is having some issues so I’ve only had my iPhone and iPad to keep everyone updated and to post photos. I’ll be taking my computer to an IT guy sometime this week to have it looked at and fixed. Shouldn’t be a big deal 🙂

My Halloween was fun! It’s my favorite holiday. I went to a haunted house Thursday, a super fun party Saturday, and passed out candy to kids last night. I was a sexy kitty this year 😉

Everything else has been pretty good. My cats allergies have been much better, I put him on a special food that’s seemed to help a lot. School has been good too. I’ve been really bad about making it to the gym as often as id like lately. Trying to change that this week. I went last night and am going to go around noon today.

I’ve also been thinking about getting an apartment with a friend, sharing a house with 5 girls is fun for awhile but it’s been about 2 1/2 years and I ready for some change and more privacy 😉 I’m going to start saving up and hopefully in 3-6 months I can make that happen!

Other than that I’ve just been my pervy self!!! I hope everyone had a great Halloween!! Kisses

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