Update – long over due!

Helllooooooo out there! I realize I have been neglecting my blog over the last week, Sorry :/ I do keep up with my twitter daily though, so make sure you follow me there too! Things have been really hectic lately. Its just that time of year, I’m looking forward to my Winter break more than you could possibly understand lol!!! I’ve been working on some big projects as well, and as most of you know, school is my number one priority.

Things have been crazy around the house too, one of the girls moved out without much notice, and we are extremely picky about who we let move in. Believe it or not, our landlord has a waiting list of girls that want to move in lol (different friends of all of us) – but in the end he lets us choose. Living in a house with 5 girls, you have to make sure we are pretty compatible or things can get out of control. We decided though, and she’s in the process of moving in this week.

I skipped out on a 2 hour study group I was supposed to go to this morning. I was up pretty late last night, and must have not slept very good, I was really tired when I woke up this morning. So instead I cranked up the heat and have been enjoying some naked coffee ;] and catching up and some work. I also have some special photos to take, and a couple panties to soak up with my delicious juices. Then I have a class to catch, and then back home to have lunch, workout, and catch up on the “Bad Girls Club Reunion”, & trust me, I completely realize how lame that makes me lol. Then after that I have 3 more classes & dinner with the roommates tonight, including the new one. A sort of “Welcome” dinner I guess.

I’ve gotta get the ball rolling, but that’s my life in a nutshell over the the last week. I promise (&&& mean it lol) to post a pic or two up here before the day is over!! If I’m lucky my night will end with me in a hot relaxing bubble bath!!


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