>^..^< UPDATE

I’ve had a pretty crappy morning =[ The coffee pot exploded on me-so no I haven’t had any coffee, My cat wont stop messing with his stitches so I had to cone him, & I was late to my first class. FML. I’m super stressed about my kitty, His biopsy was yesterday, was an amazing $400. Once we find something out I’m going to need to find another$150-$200 for meds, meds he may have to take for the rest of his life. BUT at least once all this is over my kitty should be okay ♥. Thanks for everyone’s kind words & love, its really appreciated!!!

For anyone interested in helping with my vet fund, I’ve created a super sexy “Wet Tshirt photo set &&& Video” to send out to anyone who donates $75. For those who have been asking if it’s topless, my answer is: DUH! With & without the wet white wife beater ;] You can buy the set and video two posts below =]

Here are some photos I took this am ;]

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