Wet Wednesday

GOOD MORNING!!!!!! I’ve had about 3 1/2 cups of coffee this morning, BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS ;] *drinks more coffee* Soooo, sorry its been an entire week since my last update :/ Sucky I know. I’ll try to be better about it, but as most of you know I’m back to school full time again. Its. Been. Truly. CRAZY! But things are starting to calm & settle down =] The cooler weather these last couple of days has been absolutely WONDERFUL! Its sad to see Summer end, but the fall is my favorite. I love the fashion and the weather in SoCal is puuurrrrrfect! Not to mention Halloween is my favorite holiday too! Costume parties are the best.

I had a study group this morning that was canceled, which is why I was able to come home for a little bit,  I also came home to Disk 1 / Season 4 of Dexter!!! Hopefully I’ll be caught up by the time Season 5 starts… I heard it will towards the end of this month?? Anyone know?

I put up a TON of new panties in the last week BTW, some of the new thongs are SO sexy!

I’ve also been adding sexy items to my wish list this morning if anyone is interested in totally making my day ;] Remember, I reciprocate! I think I’m going to use the rest of my spare time to finish a creamy panty order I started and then work out a bit, I didn’t at all over the holiday weekend :/ Bad Scarlett!! I’m sure the copious amount of orgasms I give myself everyday burn plenty of calories ;] Hope everyone elses Wednesday is as wet as mine!

Kisses XOXO

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