What a week!

Hellooooooo!! This week has been completely INSANE!! I’ve just been so busy with school, study groups, and homework/projects. I’m happy to say that I’ve kept up my workout regiment through it all though, I’m proud of myself! I’ve been working out 4 days a week at least 45 minutes each time, it’s when I catch up on all my favorite shows too, kills 2 birds ;]

I LOVE my new site header, if you’ve noticed 😀 The person who made it would like to stay anonymous, but he’ll receive a very special “Thank you” from me! I’ve also made a new water mark for my photos, the ones on my site will be small and in the corner, but all my photos uploaded to twitter will have a larger one so people don’t steal them. Believe me, it happens.

I’ve been feeling extra frisky lately, so I thought it would be a good time to run my pussy pop special, “Buy 2 pairs, receive 2 FREE pussy pops with your order”! So take advantage ;] It wont be running long.

I haven’t had an opportunity to make even 1 single plan for the weekend! I do have some projects to do, but a girls got to have a little fun right ;] I wouldn’t mind hitting the beach one last time before it gets cold. This weekend will have to stay cheap for me, money is really tight right now, just about everything went into my fall semester starting. I’m going to dig through some of my purses this afternoon in hopes to find some extra cash, I need to get my nails done :/

I’ve been so grateful for the weather cooling down! I’m ready for fall!! Sweaters tight leggings and boots! Speaking of, Ive added some things to my wish list this afternoon. If I get a present, you get a present ♥ Could use some new warm clothes for Fall/Winter. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top

I’ve got some naughty photos to take, going to return some emails, workout, shower and then head back to school. So glad its Friday!! LOL

Hugs and kisses xx

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