What a week!!

Naughty Scarlett

Naughty ScarlettI am so glad to start a new week! I had a HORRIBLE week last week! It seemed just about everything went wrong! Hopefully this week is much better. I really hate the holidays, I can’t wait until they are done =[ I could definitely use some cheering up ♥♥ !!

On a brighter note, I insist on getting in some REALLY JUICY naughty time this morning before class ;] Got to start the day right if I want to have a good one right?! I intend on ending it the same way too! Tonight I have a date with myself, my vibrator, a bubble bath and some candles! ♥ I can’t wait.

Today is the last day for the special “Buy 2 pairs & receive 2 FREE pussy pops”, so any orders put in today apply ♥


hope everyone had a better weekend than I did!

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