What’s new Scarlett??!

Hey everyone!! I haven’t posted a blog with words in awhile ;] I want to first off thank everyone whose taken the time to send me emails and tweets asking how my cats been doing. So thoughtful. My cat goes back to the vet tomorrow morning to get his stitches out and find out my next step. I called and got the biopsy results yesterday, and they said it seems like an allergic reaction. Effing $400 to find that out.. Can you believe that??! I was told I can get ANOTHER test done to specify what exactly he may be allergic too. You can imagine I’m going to raise a little hell about it!! So I’ll have some more info on that after tomorrow morning.

On my house mates and living situation, nothing really new there. I love my house and am grateful to have such a sweet set up, cause like ive mentioned before, there is a small waiting list of gals dying to get into this house. BUT living with so many broads is headache inducing at the end of the day, I’m not gonna lie. I’m in no place financially though to move on yet. Unless something falls in my lap, which is unlikely in LA, especially in my area. *le sigh* But my schooling is my 1st priority financially. So I will deal for now. It’s not that bad.

School is going really well. My grades at least *high fives self* I fear next semester I may only be able to go part time and have to get a steady part time job. Nothing is in stone yet though, I’ve pulled off being able to just barley slide by with the cash to make it full time every semester and pay my bills, so I’m not giving up on myself yet!!!!

So in a nutshell, it’s been a stressful couple of weeks, lol. But I’m staying positive and keeping my focus on my studies and taking SEXY photos for those who appreciate them 🙂

I’ve received a few presents off my wish list and a couple gift cards off my spoil me page from some very thoughtful guys!! Thanks so much for keeping my spirits lifted during a tough time!! I will be taking some custom thank you photos for you today!!

I promise to do another post with pics later! But I’ve got to focus on this class! Looking forward to my gym session today! After this week I’ll have gone 4 days a week for 6 weeks!!! *pats self on back*

Kisses till later xxx

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