“Workout Wednesday” ;]

Hellooooo!! I’ve been trying to be much better about posting pics lately!! Here are a couple shots I snapped while getting dressed for the gym this morning:


I made pot roast last night for the first time and it came out AMAZING!! I was so proud of myself! 😀 I have TONS of left overs too!! Ive been on a small diet lately and that’s been working out great!! I’ve also been really good about going to the gym these last couple weeks ;]

I have some packages to mail out this afternoon and afterwards I’m going to go see the new “Transformers” in 3D, I cant wait!! I’ll let you all know how it is.

Life’s been going pretty good lately. I’m still hoping to move to a diff place (same city) in the Fall. On a sad note my kitty is starting to get sick again =[ I don’t know why, Its really frustrating cause I’ve been on top of keeping him on the medicine he needs! If he’s still like this or getting worse in the next two weeks I’ll have to take him back to the vet again. Poor guy.

Well I have some floor exercises to do and a paper to finish, so ta ta for now lovers. Many kisses!!


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