*** Wet Tshirt photo set AND VIDEO!! ***


Hey everyone <3 If you keep up with me on Twitter you may have heard me mention I have a sick kitty cat and I have to take him to the vet today. I took him about 6 months back and they told me it seemed like an auto immune disease (when the body attacks itself), but he’s gotten much worse and they will need to do a biopsy on him to avoid putting him down and finding out what we can do. This is going to cost me at least $300+ I’m pretty devastated about it and am hoping not to lose my friend 🙁

SO I made a VERY SEXXXY new photo set AND VIDEO to help raise money for the bills. I’ve never sold any videos before so its quite the treat ;]

This is a WET T-SHIRT set. ALL topless, ALL wet, and ALL sorts of sexy!!

Set includes 22 photos and a video of me playing with my sexy wet titties ;]

Make a donation of $75 and I will send both to your inbox right away!! Thanks to anyone that is able to help me and my furry friend ♥

(all other photos are far too topless to “censor” and put on my blog)


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