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Wait: Apx 2-3 days


I prefer gift cards from sent to the email listed above, sometimes I accept gift cards.


With-in the US $5.00
Canada & Overseas $8.00



I am always open to any special requests. Never be too shy to ask ;]

Send me an email and shoot your idea at me.

People often ask, “whats the weirdest thing you’ve done” and “whats the craziest thing someones asked for?” – I don’t like to answer those questions. I like to keep “OUR” matters private. Its between you and I :]

Question? Do you reply to all emails?
Answer: I reply to all inquires that are SERIOUS & RESPECTFUL.
Question? How will the dirty panties and other items arrive?
Answer: Through regular mail, I also send priority and overnight-just costs a little more. All items are DOUBLE sealed for freshness, wrapped in tissue paper, and then placed into a small shipping envelope w/ bubble wrap inside for extra protection. Your name and address are handwritten exactly as given to me. There is no return address on the envelope-no mention of me or my site. Each order comes with a hand written note as well ;]
Question? Are you open to taking any additional photos?
Answer: Absolutely. You may get 5 for $10 – or – 12 for $20. A delicious keep sake to your order ;] I keep my face out of the picture and I don’t do any close up pornographic type pictures, sorry. But I’ll do tons of naughty and sexy positions of me modeling the panties you purchase ;] I also sell themed photo sets, most include topless photos too.
Question? Do you cam or make custom videos?
Answer: No I don’t, sorry.
Question? Why do you sell dirty panties, is it just for the money? Answer: As wonderful as it is to have financial help for college this way, no-money IS NOT the reason I do this. I do it because I enjoy it. I get just as many kicks out of wearing the items and getting them all juicy, as you do receiving them! It turns me on trying to imagine what you’ll do with them once you get them, or how anxiously you await them! Most importantly, how you always come crawling back for more!
Question? Can anything be refunded or exchanged?
Answer: Due to the nature of my product items are non-refundable or exchangeable. If you have any type of problem with you order, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. I do my best to send orders out with every detail perfect as specifically asked for 100% satisfaction =]
Question? Will you tell me what school you go to? What are you studying? Answer: I have no problem sharing my major, but no, I do not give any details on the name of my school or whither its a University or Community college, or specific details on the classes I’m taking. I study business and design in Los Angeles.
Question? Who takes your photographs?
Answer: I do.

** I will occasionally use photos from personal sets or panty orders for my blogs & promotional reasons **

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